Thank you for your interest in sharing the sacrament of marriage with our Mission San Gabriel community. Below is information relating to booking your wedding.  After reviewing the following information, please contact our Rectory Office at 626-457-3035 for more information and for scheduling appointments.
In order to prepare for the Celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage, we require the following from a man and a woman wishing to make a life long and life-giving commitment to each other.  Please note:  both individuals DO NOT need to be Catholic.
If this is not your first marriage, please contact the Rectory Office for additional documentation that is required.
    1. A sealed copy of Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation issued within the last 6 months for both bride and groom.
    2. Certificate of Completion for an Engaged Encounter weekend or other retreat for engaged couples.
    3. Two competent witnesses from each side (parents or family members) to sign an Affidavit of Freedom.
    4. Marriage License Application - must be obtained NO EARLIER THAN 90 DAYS before the ceremony and turned into Rectory Office.
Below is a suggested timeline to help you plan your Catholic wedding.  We also suggest visiting our Rectory Office to obtain the book, TOGETHER FOR LIFE, a guide book that will assist with the liturgical planning of your wedding.
6 mos - 1 year
Call Rectory office to set up appointment with a Priest
Obtain sacramental certificates (baptism, 1st communion, confirmation)
6 - 8 mos Meet with Priest, turn in required paperwork, set date and leave deposit with Rectory Office
6 - 7 mos
Register for a Marriage Encounter Weekend retreat
Contact Music Coordinator, Ralph Mohutsky, to coordinate music
5 - 6 mos Call Rectory Office and obtain the contact information of Wedding Coordinator to schedule wedding rehearsal and  finalize ceremony details
3 - 5 mos Call office for appointment to bring witnesses to sign the Affidavit of Freedom
1 - 2 mos Turn in Marriage Encounter Certificate and Marriage License Application to Rectory Office
Please contact the Rectory Office (626-457-3035) and speak to Margarita Flores, Pastoral Associate for pricing and availability.
All music for the marriage ceremony must meet the standards of the Los Angeles archdiocese's requirements for liturgical music.  All music inquiries should initially be made with the Director of Music, Ralph Mohutsky (any outside music must be approved by Ralph Mohutsky).  Please contact Ralph at (626) 235-8957 or email at
Please contact our Rectory Office at 626-457-3035 if you have any questions.  Blessings!