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Thank you for choosing to share this blessed sacrament with our San Gabriel Mission Community!
We Suggest planning your baptism at least 2 month ahead of time, especially if requesting a specific date.
1. Child must be 6 yrs or younger. Children 7 and over, should be registered for the Faith Formation-First Communion program.
2. One god parent is sufficient, but no more than two will be recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.God Parents must be 16 yrs. and older. Must be an active example of a good Catholic, having received all sacraments (baptism, first communion, confirmation). One man and woman, or two women, or two men permitted as god parents.
3. If a couple is chosen as the god parents, they MUST be married by the Roman Catholic Church.
4.Parents and god parents must attend a pre-baptismal class. ( There is a $10 fee for your group (4),for the class, if taken here.  To be paid on day of class.)
Register with the Rectory for the class
All classes from 6:30PM to 9PM- Parish Hall
No children allowed. Class may be taken at any Roman Catholic Church.
English: Every 3rd Monday of each month, unless it is a holiday-then it will be moved to the 3rd Tuesday
Spanish: Every 1st Monday of the month unless it is a holiday- then it will be moved to the 1st Tuesday
5. To register for baptism. If this is not your local church please obtain a letter of permission from you local Parish church office Please bring Baptism Class certificates for all parties, Registration form (link to the right), and child's birth certificate. PLEASE NOTE: That if both parents are listed on birth certificate, but only one parent is present, the present parent Must also bring court documents showing: Primary Legal Custody, Sole Custody, or court issued change made to  Birth Certificate/ Parents sharing custody Must have: A notarized signed letter of permission from other parent. No other documentation will be accepted.
Baptism Registration fee is $65.
Baptism Dates
Reservations are first come first serve. Please come to the office with all paperwork requested above to reseve date.
We only baptize 10 children per Baptism Ceremony. Parents and god parents arrive at 9:30AM
English: Every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month 10AM- Mission Church
Spanish: Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month- 10AM Mission Church
(we do not baptize on the 5th Saturday of the Month and we do not schedule private baptisms)
Additional Information
Child to be Baptized Must be in all white.
Pews will be assigned and marked with child's name.
San Gabriel Mission provides a candle.
You may bring in your own candle and other keepsake items for blessing.
Guests are allowed (different seating will be available).
Photo and Video are allowed, BUT NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.
  Private Photographer in Mission-NOT employed by Mission
(We do not take responsibility for any images taken or owed by him)