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We are calling people to live out a vocation! Serving as a catechist is more than simple volunteerism. It is more than performing a function. It is more than filling a slot. It is a vocation: a call from God to serve his Church!

Perhaps this notion of catechists as having a vocation is new to you. In days gone by, we thought of vocations as pertaining to priests and nuns. While that is true, all people have a vocation: a calling to live a life of holiness. Being a catechist is one of them.

As a catechist you can use this opportunity to grow in your faith, in your relationship with the Lord, and in holiness. You will not merely be teaching kids, you will be a living symbol of God’s love working through you.

You will not be alone, we offer year around training, retreats, and in-service sessions for all parts of the liturgical year and will be there every step of the way.

You will become part of our family and develop lifelong friendships with other catechists while you serve the Lord and grow in your faith.

Please answer the call…Won’t you say “yes”?

Please call to make an appointment for an interview and application with Connie Perez @ 626- 457-3043 or email: [email protected].